Welcome to my blog

dreamstime_m_36899365 (2)Welcome to my blog in which I will draw on my present and previous experiences to share my thoughts and opinions on making the best use of digital learning within the world of corporate learning and development.  With over 21 years in this field of learning, I hope you will be interested in what I have to say and that I will leave you with ideas that will help you in your roles.

Over the last two decades, I’ve always recognised that digital learning is not the end in itself, but just one of the ways we can improve business and personal performance and so, whenever possible, I will write in the wider context of learning and development.

So many of these posts will be based on conversations I’ve had with others, so if there is something on which you’d like me to comment, then please get in touch.

Thanks in advance for reading my postings and commenting too.

Welcome to my blog

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